I was born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). While I was growing up, a very young country had grown up with me as well, and both with very ambitious dreams. I remember Abu Dhabi and Dubai turning from empty dessert to green lands and modern cities full of life, dreams and stories of success of individuals and companies alike. This had inspired me in how powerful our spirit as humans to make great changes in a challenging timely manner and with no limitations to what you can do as long as you believe in God and yourself. 

Teaching and doing research have been a passion to me, which I realized as early as my sophomore year of my Bachelor’s degree. Faculty and staff at Khalifa University used to call me a “miniprofessor”. My motivation to do research started since then and fruitfully we published a conference paper in IMECE for our senior design project, solar thermal desalination unit.


One year after my graduation, I got accepted in the Ph.D. program at Texas A&M University (TAMU). I joined Dr. Andreas Polycarpou group, Microtribodynamics. Under his mentorship and supervision, I have learnt a fruitful knowledge about both the synthesis and characterization of thin films, and being trained to become one day a faculty. Dr. Polycarpou invests great efforts and time to nurture leadership and academic skills in his students. Therefore, for me he is a life-time mentor. 

Also, I am grateful to work with a poineer in the field of polymer nanocomposites, Dr. Jaime Grunlun. The collaboration with Dr. Grunlan and his group have taught me a lot about polymer reinforcements and deep understanding of how coupled material properties such as mechanical, chemical, physical and electrical are. Our research interests have been in the synthesis and characterization of multilayer thin films using layer-by-layer assembly for different applications but mainly gas/vapor barrier applications

My parents highly encouragement to pursue a Ph.D. degree is a main reason to what I have reached so far and whatever I will accomplish in this life. Therefore, I will be always grateful for their support. 

Mechanical Engineering Department (TAMU)

with my advisor and life-time mentor,

Dr. Andreas A. Polycarpou 

Nanotribodynamics Lab

Microtribodynamics Lab



Polymer Flexible Nanocomposites

Characterization of multilayer thin films for different applications, clay and graphene reinforcements.

Flexible Wearable Electronics 

Build all-solid lithium ion batteries Using technieques such as chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition

Fabrication and testing of MEMS sensors such as vibration and pressure sensors.

In-situ Nanomechanics

Testing samples under dry and submeregd conditions, and high temperature nanoindentation, in-situ Electrochemical SEM, TEM, AFM and nanoindentation 

Tribology of Coatings and Thin Films

Evaluation of wear and long-term durability, The tribochemistry through the influence of surrounding enviroment such as air, humidity and inert gases and the influence of temperature and pressure. 


Texas A&M University 

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

2008 - 2013

Khalifa University

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

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